Protect your company with Hubitech

Hubitech offers a wide range of remote access products to process, store and exchange your most sensitive information. Our solutions are used to create War Rooms as well as to provide collaborative workspaces for your internal and external teams dealing with projects of high strategic value.

Simplified deployment on any type of network

Deploy a complete infrastructure or add one to your current information system. Provide secure access to external partners in minutes without compromising the security of your internal network or deploy collaborative workspaces for your teams around the world. Our services can operate in isolation and are fully automated. Your managers deploy restricted or collaborative workspaces from an intuitive interface. You go directly from the decision-making phase to the action phase without waiting for the intervention of your technical teams.


Deploy in your internal network, your DMZ, or even external sites, and instantly benefit from a dedicated access to process your sensitive information.


Deploy in the cloud in 3 steps. Installation and updates are fully automated, no technical knowledge needed. Your sensitive data remains invisible to your information system.


Secure the access of your engineers to your industrial sites. Our solution uses two-factor authentication to strengthen remote accesses and protect from information theft or leakage.

Do not change the habits of your users

Do not force your users to relearn collaborative work on new interfaces. They have remote access to a work environment that is familiar to them and without software limitations. Users leave no sensitive information on the devices used to access the infrastructure and can keep using the software they are used to, such as Microsoft Office or custom private tools.

Control access to your information

Highly modular, Hubitech solutions have been designed on the principles of in-depth defense and a special effort has been made to reduce the risks from technical administrators. Only Business Users have access to Sensitive Information and all management use cases are handled by Managers who deploy Protected Workstations and assign access rights to the different shared services. For the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises you can create workgroups and delegate management rights to your project managers while maintaining full control of your platform.

A solution for every need

Mobile Thin Client

Simplify and secure your remote facilities access with its full encryption, automated installation and centralized management.

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High Performance Remote Desktop in your browser. On any device. Stream your desktop at 60 FPS in UHD.

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SanctuarIS offers a set of secure solutions for collaborative work and remote access to a sensitive information system.

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If you would like us to help you to access and protect your data.

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