Mobile Thin Client

Provide your teams a passive two-factor authenticated terminal, without any data or information, which allows you to access your sensitive or industrial sites in complete safety. Our Mobile Thin Client guarantees the security of sensitive data from one end to the other.

Secure the access of your engineers to your industrial sites

Defend yourself against theft, damage and infection with a thin client that does not allow frontal attacks, offers no interaction and where third party tools installation is impossible. In case of theft and / or tampering attempt, at initialization of the connection, a compliance check is performed to ensure that the configuration of the thin client is not altered before attempting the connection and authentication.

A mobile and customizable thin client

Compatible with all your certified security tools, it benefits from the power of a 4G connection in addition to your standard ethernet access. Its installation is simple and fully automated. Our Mobile Thin Client allows the use of multiple displays for all your presentation needs or simply to work on a larger screen.

TPM encryption
4G compatible on multi-operator networks
IEEE 802.1X compatible
VPN compatible

Provide access to your employees for the consultation of very sensitive documents

In the context of consulting documentation or confidential reports, equip your partners and employees with passive terminals to protect against the threats of interception and data leakage. Our terminals protect you from any virus infection. Our thin client can be used in combination with our secure processing solution: SanctuarIS.

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