Our remote access technology

Access your Windows and Linux virtual and physical workstations from a simple browser or by using our PC/Tablet applications.

Low Latency Desktop Streaming

Our virtual desktop streaming technology combines a real-time desktop capture engine and full-HD video encoding at 60 frames per second. Our technology has been optimized to allow remote use of your virtual or physical desktop with minimal latency. Thanks to the power of their GPU, machines equipped with our streaming technology allow you to use your programs that require graphical power such as AutoCAD, Maya, Blender... And why not give yourself a moment of fun? With our technology, you can turn your remote desktop into a cloud gaming machine and enjoy all your favorite games.

You do not have servers with GPU or want to migrate to the cloud? We also offer cloud-based workstations with a powerful GPU.

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Our technology is compatible with existing hardware from AMD, Nvidia and Intel

HTML5 RDP/VNC Web Client

No plugin or client software needed. Thanks to the power of HTML5, all you need to access your desktop is a web browser. We process RDP/VNC surfaces and send them in an HTTPS stream and directly display your desktop in a simple interface from any computer. In addition, our client allows recording and replaying sessions by capturing them in real time.

USB over IP

Our USB over IP technology allows you to use your USB devices remotely across any network as if they were directly connected. With this solution, you can forward your USB devices, such as a Wacom tablet or card reader, to your remote machines and use them seamlessly. Our USB over IP technology is embedded in our remote access solutions but can be used directly in your projects thanks to our SDK.

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